First Page Read

The First Page Read is a new addition to the 2017 ShowMe Writers Masterclass.* Attendees may register to submit the FIRST page of a writing which will then go through a review process to potentially be discussed Saturday by our panel of expert authors. There is a $10 fee to register for the First Page Read.**

UPDATE - Deadline for submissions is Sept 5th, 2017

You have until MIDNIGHT, Sept 5th to submit your work.
We're looking for writing that grabs us from the first line and drags us to the end of the page leaving us wishing there was more. We want characters that step off the page and writing that puts us in their skin. Take us to a new world or give us new eyes.

The Process:

Submissions for the First Page Read (cap of 50 submissions) will go through a two tier review process. The top submissions will be sent to our expert panelists who will then pick the top 4-5 to review during the First Page Read session on Saturday, October 28th. Submissions will be reviewed anonymously.  No names will be on the pages as they are reviewed throughout the process. During the session, attendees will be provided handouts of the top pages so that they may follow along and learn from discussion. To submit work, you must be a registered attendee for the conference, but need not be present should your work be selected for discussion during the session. There is a $10 submission fee for each first page. You may send in up to 3 first pages (at a $30 cost.) **Not all work submitted will be chosen to be discussed during the First Page Read.

Submission Guidelines

To submit your First Page please follow the following guidelines when submitting your work.
    • Use 12 point font - Times New Roman
    • 1 1/2 line spacing
    • 1" margins
    • Please keep to a 'PG-13' rating
    • Submit your page in one of the following file formats:
        • Word Doc
        • Docx
        • PDF
    • If you are submitting a screenplay or play - you may submit 2 pages of your work
    • 1 page of prose
    • 1 page of poetry
    • In the 'Subject' line please put First Page Submission
    • Be sure to send us your page by midnight on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
**There is no guarantee that your work will be selected to be discussed at the conference.

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