Gordon Sauer

Mentor - Fiction

Gordon Sauer received his MFA from Columbia University, where he was a Teaching Fellow. His fiction and nonfiction have been published in Narrative Magazine, Columbia College Today, and Boulevard Magazine. He's taught creative writing at the college level for the past seven years, and he currently directs the Quarry Heights Writers' Workshop here in Columbia and is a reader for the Baltic Writing Residency.


Gordon Kessler

Gordon Kessler

Session: Openings that Hook and Scenes that Keep the Pages Turning—All About Deep Point of View

Gordon Kessler has been writing thriller novels for twenty-­five years and teaching novel writing for nearly as long. With fifteen of his own titles available on Amazon, Gordon has helped over a hundred writers get their work published through editing, formatting, cover design and publishing consultation services. His book Novel Writing Made Simple is considered by many to be an essential reference for both novice as well as experienced writers. He has also conducted dozens of seminars and workshops, as well as been a featured speaker at numerous writers’ conferences.


Connect with Gordon: gordonkessler.com

Gordon Kessler

Jim Henry

Session: “Okay, so I wrote my play/screenplay? Now What?”

Jim Henry is an award winning playwright, screenwriter, and actor and a member of the Dramatist Guild of America.

Jim is an actor and writer in the Chicagoland area and is a Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatists and Literary Manager at Chicago Street Theatre.  Jim is the winner of more than 20 screenplay and playwriting awards. Mr. Henry brings with him an abundance of experience including screenwriting, in fact, he adapted his play The Angels of Lemnos, into a screenplay which won Third Place at the Hollywood Film Festival and was a finalist in the Sundance Feature Film Project two years in a row. He will also be signing copies of his play JelloFish.

Jim is also an award winning actor with numerous theatre credits over the past 25 years.  He is the winner of NIETF’s Best Actor in a Play for three years in a row.


What to Expect at Jim's Roundtable Mentorship Session:

"Many mentors and teachers preach that the toughest task is grinding out the first draft of your play or screenplay, and I whole heartedly agree. But for many writers, the next step is even more daunting.   “What do I do with this pile of pages?” During the Round Table Session, we will journey together through the jungle of Development and Marketing.  We will share experiences and advice on how to successfully navigate your work from the page to the stage."