Kate Berneking Kogut

Kate Berneking Kogut

Kate Berneking Kogut is a playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, and transmedia storyteller. Additionally, Kogut is a story coach & consultant specializing in the development of the writer’s voice through the craft of scriptwriting. She earned her Ph.D. in Theatre from MU and is currently an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Stephens College.


Her plays have been workshopped, read, and produced in California, New York, Chicago, and throughout the Midwest. Kogut wrote and directed her first two short films, ‘Nooner’ and ‘Children Learn,’ through her production company, Envelope Sky Productions. Both films premiered in film festivals in 2013 and can now be viewed on her Youtube channel.

Her latest short film, ‘The Changerator,’ is currently in post-production.


Current projects include a transmedia story that takes place in the fictional town of Daffodil Township, Missouri. You can enter the story through several websites: www.daffodiltownship.com, www.daffodilgazette.com, www.daffodilbiz.org. The first season of the accompanying web series, ‘American Riviera,’ is currently in post-production. Kogut is also writing a book on story, character, and the writer’s voice.

Her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu0ItfZDSRT-mff0e93dIww.

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